Our history. Our values. Our mission. 

About Us

Since 2002, Enutech Inc. has been conducting soil characterization and soil and groundwater decontamination projects across Canada.

Our Values

We value innovation and continuous improvement of our products and processes. In close collaboration with academia, Enutech has developed "green" decontamination technologies, particularly in phytoremediation and in situ remediation through the injection of biogeochemical solutions adapted to different types of contaminations.


Integrity and transparency are part of our basic principles and work ethic. We want to offer you a satisfactory service at a competitive price, in addition to guaranteeing the respect of deadlines.


The continuous training of our team allows us to offer a quality service by highly qualified professionals.


We are an employer who subscribes to the principle of equal access to employment and supports the training of the next generation by offering internships in the university and college environment.

Our Mission

Develop innovative technologies that address specific issues and that respect the principles of industrial ecology; in particular the decontamination of soils and groundwater by treatments:


What is an



This treatment allows the rehabilitation of contaminated sites without excavation and the degradation of contaminants into substances that are harmless to the environment.


This affordable treatment will allow you to continue your activities and will not require excavation of your land.

What is an

EX SITU treatment?

EX SITU treatments can decontaminate soils, but in a more radical way. This type of treatment requires excavation.


Typically, we use the IN SITU approach, but there are situations that require excavation.

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